Real Estate Law

Real estate transactions and disputes are often complex and involve legal concepts which most people are not familiar with. Butcher & Associates, P.L. is a Fort Myers law firm that assists clients in their real estate matters by helping them understand the nature of their transaction or their bundle of unique property rights and how those rights play out in a real estate dispute.

We represent clients in all types of real estate matters from the real estate closing table to the court room. Our understanding of real estate law in Fort Myers allows us to tailor our legal representation to meet our clients’ needs in any area of real estate.

Common Fort Myers Real Estate Problems

Common real estate matters which our Firm assists client with include:

  •     Purchase and Sales Agreements
  •     Condominium Law
  •     Real Estate Tax Matter
  •     Easements, Right of Ways, and Joint Uses
  •     Partition Matters
  •     Tenancy in Common Agreements
  •     Real Estate Development Matters
  •     Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act
  •     Florida Land Trusts
  •     Purchase of Foreclosure Properties
  •     Objections to and Motions to Vacate Foreclosure Sales
  •     Writs of Possession
  •     Residential Landlord/Tenant
  •     Commercial Leasing
  •     Real Estate Litigation

Get legal help with real estate matters in Fort Myers, FL
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