Butcher & Associates, P.L. represents a variety of clients in its primary practice areas.

In the Real Estate Practice area, Butcher & Associates, P.L. represents both individuals and corporate entities. Butcher & Associates, P.L. represents individuals and entities engaged in the business of real estate investment – from assisting with purchase and sale contracts, owner financing, and contractual matters through complex property development. Butcher & Associates, P.L. has also developed an expertise in assisting clients wishing to terminate contracts and in pursuing actions under the Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act. Finally, Butcher & Associates, P.L. has developed a boutique practice representing real estate investors engaged in the buying and selling of foreclosure and short sale properties.

Butcher & Associates, P.L. also represents individual homeowners trying to preserve and protect their homes from foreclosure through shorts sales, loan modifications, and foreclosure defense. Butcher & Associates, P.L. also offers a wide range of services for residential transactions.

In the Condominium and Homeowners Association practice area, Butcher & Associates, P.L. represents several condominiums and homeowners associations in all aspects of their day-to-day activities, annual meetings, and collections matters facing condominium and homeowners associations.

In the Small Business Practice area,Butcher & Associates, P.L. represents clients interested in forming and managing small businesses. Butcher & Associates, P.L. has extensive experience in assisting small businesses with all aspects of employment matters from developing contracts, handbooks, and non-compete agreements through work force reductions and employee severance matters. Butcher & Associates, P.L. is also adapt at assisting small business clients with commercial transactions and litigation arising from commercial litigation.