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Employment Law in Fort Myers, Florida

Employment law is a broad area of law that covers every aspect of employment – from contract union employees to at-will employees and a range of laws aimed at preventing and remedying unlawful discrimination, protecting whistleblowers, and governing family medical leaves and accommodations for disabilities. Butcher & Associates, P.L. is a Fort Myers law firm that represents employees in navigating the complex legal issues governing employment relationships.
Many Floridians recognize that Florida is a “right to work” state, but often really don’t understand the meaning of the phrase. Simply put, “right to work” states recognize that no employee should be denied the right to work because he or she is a union member or because ho or she is not a union member. Unfortunately, many employees believe that the right to work doctrine translates into “for cause” employment – which is not the case.
Generally speaking, in Florida most workers are employed “at-will” which means that an employer can terminate them for any reason or no reason at all. Typically, only employees with a written contract of employment creating a “for cause” employment situation or employees with a collective bargaining agreement are “for cause” employees. Employees with a “for cause” employment agreement typically can only be terminated for wrong doing or for a cuase defined in the contract.

Although most Floridians are “at-will employees” employers may not terminate employees under circumstances that would be discriminatory or violate a statutory right.
Common Fort Myers Employment Problems
Common employment problems that our Firm can assist with include:

  •     Wrongful Discharge
  •     Age Discrimination
  •     Disability Discrimination
  •     Gender Discrimination
  •     Racial Discrimination
  •     National Origin Discrimination
  •     Sexual Harassment
  •     Familial Status Discrimination
  •     Religious Discrimination
  •     Retaliatory Discharge
  •     Whistle Blowing
  •     Family Medical Leave Act
  •     Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act
  •     Severance Negotiations
  •     Wage and Hour Laws
  •     Overtime Pay
  •     Non-compete, Confidentiality, and Non-solicitation Agreements

We understand the importance of employment and can help protect your rights. Our understanding of employment law in Fort Myers allows us to tailor our legal representation to meet our clients’ needs.

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